APEXIZ offers digital manufacturing solutions such as 3D simulation and robot offline programming. APEXIZ and its partner companies have many years of experience in developing simulation and robot offline programming software.


  • To help the customers to cut down the time to conceptulize, design and simulate their processes. We have proven track record where our customers have cut down the simulation times from days to hours
  • With the help of layout sharing features such as 3D PDF, our customers can communicate their vision clearly. This means their customers need less time in evaluating the proposals and come to a decision.
  • With an extensive collection of 3D models and components in our library, our customers do not need to build everything from scratch. We have a large collection of robots from various robot suppliers, grippers, CNC machines, conveyors, safety fences, standard storage systems such as racks, pallets etc.
  • To help our customers make correct choices from the beginning by visualizing
    • Space requirement for the layout
    • Storage
    • Optimal path for the material flow
    • Number of resources
    • Machinery
    • Automation
  • With the help of our PLC add-on, our customers can test and validate the PLC programs and HMI by connecting them to our software. This means, the logic for the application is ready even before the real system is deployed.
  • To help our customers to increase the production time by programming the robots even before deploying the real systems.