Delfoi Arc

Delfoi CUT is an add-on feature designed for faster simulation and offline programming for cutting applications such as laser, plasma and waterjet cutting. It lets you create offline programs for major industrial robot brands. It’s user-friendly off-line programming interface lets you create these programs using easy-to-use “wizard” guides. Our partners have an experience of over 20 years in developing offline programming solutions.

Unique Features

  • Delfoi RoboCAM: Automated importing of CNC toolpaths from CAD/CAM programmes to simulation models
  • Supports toolpath codes for machine tools with 3-5 axes
  • Support for file formats e.g. *.apt/aptsource, *.txt or other ASCII-coordinate formats
  • Automatic detection of collisions and “near-miss” incidents, singularity points, axis limit violations
  • Fast and effective simulation of created cutting programmes, either in real time or set to a variable speed.

Process Features

  • Automated detection of the characteristics of an object’s edges, gaps and surfaces
  • Automatic generation of toolpaths on the basis of information about the features of the object
  • Internal programme tool library, in which the user can freely create additional tool geometries
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications, like in robotic deburring, tooling and finishing, or in e.g. laser or plasma cutting
  • Management of robot tool changes
  • Management of the robot setup
  • Automated, unrestricted management of all external robot axes (e.g. gantry positioners, linear tracks and multi-axis weld positioning devices)
  • Easy and fast fine adjustment of all cutting trajectories and the robots via points
  • Versatile calibration tools to ensure extreme precision in the programming of modelled cells

Data Transfer

  • Universal robot encoding using off-line program, regardless of the robot model, e.g. KUKA, Yaskawa Motoman, Reis Robotics, Kawasaki, Fanuc, OTC 
  • Uploaders of the robot programs from the shop floor to the off-line program for simulation 
  • Command of external I/O devices, e.g. using PLC logic, is also easy to implement