Visual Components Professional is for modelling new components that are not present in the existing library.


It includes everything in Essentials and gives you the tools to model and create your own components.


Component Modeling

Bring CAD files to life with our robust component-modeling tool. Visual Components Professional lets you customize the building blocks of components: geometry, behaviors, and properties. You can add kinematic structures and functional behaviors to imported CAD models, modify feature details of existing models, and build your own personalized library of components.


Create components for the Visual Components world easier and faster. The component-modeling wizards streamline the component development process by asking for simple inputs and automatically configuring the component behaviors. Save time modeling many common component types and activate your CAD files for the 3D world more quickly.

Geometry Simplification

Reduce file sizes and improve simulation performance by simplifying and removing unnecessary details from your models.

Basic CAD

Build new 3D geometries and modify imported CAD files using the modeling toolkit. We’ve developed a set of tools for creating, editing, and customizing geometry, solid shapes, and structures. Make quick updates to your 3D geometries, right inside the product.